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Stephen Maddison

Stephen Maddison

I'm a community automation specialist and I save busy community builders time by optimising their workflows and automating their processes, giving them that well needed moment to breathe. Whether you're nurturing a niche community of under 100 or guiding thousands of engaged members, I understand the nuances that come with each stage of community growth and the operational functions needed.

Key Milestones:

Since 2020, my journey has been marked by pivotal milestones. I began by scaling a monetised gaming community and gaining acknowledgment from the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme. In 2021, I coached info product marketers to launching profitable communities across travel, education, and lifestyle domains. By 2022, I created tailored community strategies and dynamic content engines for fintech industry leaders. Now, in 2023, I'm gearing up to launch a specialised community dedicated to teaching community builders how to save time with automated systems that effortlessly onboard members, streamline memberships, and reward engagement.


Ranging from email marketing solutions like ConvertKit and Mailerlite to automation powerhouses such as Make and Zapier, I've honed my skills across a spectrum of tools. In payment processing, I'm adept with platforms like Stripe and Paypal, while also managing communication through Twilio and streamlining scheduling via Calendly. Notably, my core proficiency lies in community platforms, where I frequently collaborate with tools like Circle, Discord, Slack, Guild, and Mighty Networks to build and nurture digital communities. Above all, I always aim to harness the existing tools that community builders are already comfortable with, ensuring a seamless integration and adoption process.

Why Partner with Me?

Building communities is as much about understanding people as it is about technology. When we work together, you're getting a partner who genuinely cares. With my background in both community building and technical automation, I strive to offer solutions that truly resonate with your community's unique spirit.

Every community has its distinct rhythm, and I take the time to listen and understand yours. My approach is always to craft solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring they align seamlessly with your vision. And should you run into any hiccups down the line, know that I'm just an email away, always ready to assist.

Furthermore, I understand the comfort that comes from using familiar tools. So, I always prioritise leveraging the tools and platforms you're already familiar with, ensuring a smoother transition and ease of use.


"I booked a couple sessions with Stephen to help me get some automations up and running and it was a business game changer for me. I’m very intimidated by Zapier and Stephen demystified everything. When I went into the call, I didn’t even know what exactly I needed, but he was able to brainstorm automated solutions quickly that will save me so much time. I was deeply impressed by his knowledge, patience and problem solving. Highly recommend."

Joy Sullivan
Community Founder & Entrepreneur

Website: https://stephenmaddison.co

Location: Warsaw, Poland

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