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Satya Raju

Satya Raju

Ready to supercharge your productivity automating manual repetitive tasks? Then look no further.This is Satya Raju, Certified Zapier Expert and Automation Specialist.

In my 3 years of experience in building automations, I have built 100’s of workflow automations for my clients from different industries like Ecommerce, Accounting, Digital Marketing, Coaching, etc. I have worked with clients across the world from countries like India, USA, UK, Canada and many more.

I provide unique custom-tailored automation solutions for your business understanding your unique challenges and requirements. From data entry and file management to email marketing and customer relationship management, the possibilities are endless.

With my expertise in automation I can help you unlock a realm of untapped potential, freeing up valuable time to focus on what truly matters – growing your business.

I will design and implement workflows that not only save time, but enhance productivity, reduce errors, and improve collaboration across your entire organization. Also, I can analyze your existing processes to identify bottlenecks and areas of improvement. So leave the repetitive tasks to the machines and watch your business flourish like never before.

Tech Stack I am Experienced with:

👉Automation Tools( Zapier, Make, PabblyConnect, etc)
👉Open AI
👉Funnel Builder Platforms (Clickfunnels, GoHighLevel, Elementor, etc)
👉Payment Gateways(Stripe, Razorpay, Instamojo, etc)
👉Project Management Tools(Asana, ClickUp, Monday, etc)
👉Ecommerce CMS( WooCommerce, Shopify, etc)
👉Email Marketing Tools(ActiveCampaign, Klaviy, Mailchimp, etc)
👉Form Builders(Jotform, Typeform, etc)
👉Database Tools( Airtable, Sheets, etc)
👉Looker Studio
👉Chatbots ( Manychat, Continually, Chatrace, etc)

...and many more depending on the tools used by the business owners.

I also work with APIs, Webhooks, MailParsers, etc depending on what is required to build the specific automation.

Ready to take the leap into a more efficient future? Get in touch now and discover the wonders of workflow automation.

How does it work?

1. Share the details of your requirements like what tools you use, what process you want to automate, etc through the form below.
2. I shall get back to you as soon as possible mostly within 24 Hours
3. Once you confirm on the requirements we can get started

Location: Guntur, India

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