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Flow Digital

Flow Digital

Book your 1:1 sreenshare session today and Just. Get. It. Done!

Stuck on a zap for too long? Got a workflow you need set up pronto? Get on one call with us and get this off your head.

Zapier is a powerhouse automation tool, but mastering it is not for the fainthearted—or the busy. Leave the zapping to the experts (that’s us ;)) so you can focus on what you do best.

Flow Digital is a boutique, NYC-based agency that focuses on helping businesses revamp their sales, marketing, and operation efforts through more efficient automation. Services include CRM optimization, precise workflow automation, and marketing automation.

Here are two options for how we can move forward:


Already know what you need? Ready to get started? Click on the left-hand side under Resources to book a 📆 1-1 Implementation Session, where one of our certified Zapier specialists will build or troubleshoot your zaps over a live Zoom session. In this 75-minute rapid implementation session, we can help you:

- tweak an integration that’s driving you crazy
- polish a workflow to free up more time
- troubleshoot those zaps you can’t figure out
- build zaps that simplify your life and cut the busywork
- learn while we implement—so you can do it yourself next time!


Have questions or not quite sure what you need? Click on the left-hand side under Resources to book a ☕️ free Discovery Session, where we’ll discuss:

- your business process challenges and goals
- how Zapier and automation can help you maximize your productivity and profitability
- some ways we can help you run your business more efficiently
- scoping for larger automation projects

By the way, there’s zero obligation to work with us after this discovery call. The purpose of this meeting is simply to discuss your needs and determine whether we’re a good fit.

Looking forward to speaking with you!

Team Flow Digital

Additional certifications (but not limited to): Pipedrive, Keap, Monday.com, ActiveCampaign, Klaviyo.

Website: https://flow.digital/zapier/

Zapier Expert Profile: https://zapier.com/experts/flow-digital

Location: New York, United States

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