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What to do when you get an error in Zapier

Zapier has worked hard to make their platform super easy to use - and even first-time users should be able to get their first zap live in just a few minutes. That said, eventually you'll see an error message in your zap.

If you're lucky, the error message will make it obvious what went wrong and tell you how to fix it. Sadly, sometimes errors are more cryptic, and you'll need to play detective to work out what's wrong.

Errors in the Zapier editor

When building your zap, after adding each step, you'll have the chance to test it. This simulates what will happen when your zap runs live. If something is wrong with your setup, you'll be told about it here.

As we said, sometimes error messages don't always make it clear what's wrong. This is because, mostly, the error messages are coming directly from the app Zapier is trying to connect with, and Zapier has no control over what they say.

In general, here are some things to look out for:

Errors when your zap runs live

If there is an error with your zap when it runs live, you'll get an email. If a zap is having repeated errors, then it will be switched off - and you'll get an email about this as well. Much like errors in the editor, the error message contained in the email may or may not provide clues.

Your next step should be to open the "History" tab in your account and filter it for errors. You'll then be able to click on the entry in the list to see a detailed view. Inside that view, you'll be able to see exactly which step caused problems. You'll also be able to replay your zap if you want. It will replay from the step it stopped at.

Some things to check:

When and where can I get help with my zaps?

Zapier has a 24/7 support team who can be contacted by email (but not phone) at any time, no matter what plan you're on. If you get an error or issue you can't work out - go directly to them. If there is a bug, either with Zapier or one of the apps you're trying to connect to, they'll take steps to resolve that. If you've made a mistake building your zap, then they'll guide you to correcting it.

The only thing they won't do is build your zaps for you. You'll need to work with an expert for that.

You should also check out the Zapier Community where you can post questions and get help from Zapier power users and staff.