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How to contact Zapier support when you need help

One of Zapier's strongest features is its 24/7 support team. This is how to contact them.

How to open a support ticket with Zapier

The only way to open a support ticket is to do so via a form on their website. This is the link:

Zapier used to have an email address you can use to open a ticket - it was [email protected] - but they've since discontinued this and won't respond if you do email them.

Does Zapier offer phone support?

No they don't (and they never have). They say this is so they can help more people simultaneously, and because it's easier to convey information and help by email.


We have Zapier experts in our directory that offer phone support. We can match you with one today.


Does Zapier offer live chat support?

No, they don't. Email is their primary channel for support.

Zapier have experimented in the past with offering limited chat support to some of their bigger enterprise clients, but email is still the main focus.

Does Zapier have a support community?

Yes, they do. You can access it here:

The community is actively managed by both Zapier staff and a small crew of Zapier users acting as moderators.

You can ask questions about Zapier, receive support on issues and read articles and advice posts.